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A UNIQUE IMPERFORATE set of "Castles" in stock. See TREASURE CHEST section...

Outside the UK? Take advantage of recent political events and the very low BRITISH POUND. Prices now 15-20% cheaper.

2018 Royal Wedding items loaded. To see Type MEGHAN into the search box located just under the blue banner at top.

Selection of nearly 200 FDCs loaded June 2018 - Special search code is QAQ to see

REGIONALS and MACHINS fully updated to reflect 2018 CONCISE catalogue

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View Larger Image: SG 763a - Elizabeth II (Pre decimal to 1970)
SG 763a - Elizabeth II (Pre decimal to 1970)

British Bridges the 4d value - all colours and phosphor - PRINTED ON THE GUM SIDE superb unmounted mint. A famous error at a low price! SG Cat £35

UM Special: £19.50
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This website opened for business on 21st November 2006. Several thousand items are scanned and loaded but there are large areas of my stock still not shown and some parts of the website only partly loaded. Over the coming months more and more items will be loaded.
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Over 6,900 orders now serviced on this website since launch.

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Treasure Chest Item...

SG 159 - Queen Victoria
Treasure Chest British Stamps Item - SG 159 - Queen Victoria
MM: £240.00

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Latest News

All modern SG numbers quoted are from the SG 2017 CONCISE catalogue

A lovely run of the popular George 5th ''Seahorses'' added February 2016.
To see type QPA in QUICK SEARCH box located just below Blue banner above to see.

Over 80 early booklets added to the stock from Edward 7th to Early Stitched QEII booklets. If the picture says ''ACTUAL ITEM'' then it is in stock!

A selection of PRE-DECIMAL MACHINS ERRORS AND VARIETIES and other interesting items added February 2017. To see them type ''QRQ'' into QUICK SEARCH box located just below the stamps pictured in the blue heading. Over 60 items.

2012 YEAR BOOK is back in stock March 2017 - only one available!

A nice group of EDWARD 8th unmounted mint Cylinder blocks added June 2017

Selection of 1960s FDCs loaded May 2018. To see type QFQ into the QUICK SEARCH box located below the stamps pictured in the Blue Banner at top of page.

A range of early FDCs loaded June 2018. Nearly 200 in total. To see type QAQ into the QUICK SEARCH box located below the stamps pictured in the Blue Banner at top of page. Please note that searching by this method means they appear in no particular order.

COMMEMORATIVES, FDCs, PACKS, MACHINS and REGIONALS now full updated to refect latest prices and numbers in 2018 Stanly Gibbons CONCISE catalogue.Listings to 26 June 2018.